Thursday, September 27, 2007

Websigfhts dedicated to Hawaii This is a detailed websight that is focused on tourists coming to hawaii and having a good time. It is a state program called Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau that trys to get tourists to see hawaii and brodcast our states cool thongs to do. It is a very colorful sight and the many visual focus point is a link to a virtual tour of the islands of Hawaii. the only ads are for hawaii tourism bureau and it is and easy to use websight. this is a cool websight dedicated to honoka'a. I like it because it has a lot of pictures and is not to bright there are alot of links to honoka' activities and things

Monday, September 17, 2007

3 cool websites
Albino Black sheep is cool websight that hosts man games and funny videos. It has a bunch of really cool games that are fun to play and addicting. The navigation is also easy on the eyes and cool color schemes they have their highlighted games and vidoes in the top.
This is sweet website the gives news on all the latest shows and artists. Their navigation is like a standard website, all of the links are on the edges and pictures and news stories arwe in the middle.
Runescape is a f2p game that something like 1.5 million people play. it is an adicting game that (when i use to play not today) some one could play 36 hours a week during their summer vacation. the navigation of the website has the buttons on top on the updates going from most recent to oldest in the center.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Honoka'a is a nice little town about an hour and a half from kona and 40 miles north from Hilo. Honoka'a used to be a platation town but it no loger exists. Now Honoka'a survives on tourism to keep the markets and shops open. They are a quick 15 minute drive from Waipio Valley. Honoka'a town has many retail stores selling to the tourist and residents. There are several good,decent restaurants and two fine dining restaraunts, several ladies boutiques. The services that Honoka'a has include a hotel, b&b, one movie theater and hair salons.
While in Honoka'a some one should go and visit the famouse Tex Drive-In. They have world famed malasadas, if you are new to local delecasys malasadas are fried dough smouthered in sugar and butter they excelent at anytime of day. The Farmers Market is always open on saturdays selling local greens and fruits. If your lucky you can see Maui (on a clear day) and even northern islands, only on rare occansions though. So if your driving to Hilo or Waimea or where ever come visit Honoka'a Town

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

For me, It is so disgusting to go out in the water and see a great big streak of sewage floating over the reef. I don't see why they (the cruise lines) would dump, I mean they have a thousand miles of water to dump in and they still choose to dump in OUR bays. It just sickens me, just so stupid.

I think somthing should be done about it, maybe the mile long radius should be increased, or the captains go to a long boring course about how the reef and people are effected by the sewage. But, they just dont care. Of course it's not always like that I maybe just ranting alot of it comes from small fishing charters that may or may not follow the rules. Alot of the time when the surface currents are going just the right way the collection of sewage will be sent in with the tide.

That brings up a second problem in some areas, such as off of keahole point the radius should be increased, just to keep the tide from bringing it maybe some one will read this and start some kind of coalition, i dont know it's not like one person has a strong voice it has to be a union of voices...

Monday, August 27, 2007

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